Perlon broom + additive

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Chimney sweep perlon broom + add-on

For rectangular ducts

The large broom made of softer material adapts to the shape and cleans right into the corners. The extra hard, smaller bristle cleans the central areas and guides the broom in the shaft. Suitable for shaft connection with the adapter: Shaft connection for broom item no. kd9002.

Various diameters:
200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm, 600 mm, 650 mm, 700 mm, 750 mm, 800 mm, 850 mm, 900 mm

Article numbers: pr200, pr250, pr300, pr350, pr400, pr450, pr500, pr550, pr600, pr650, pr700, pr750, pr800, pr850, pr900

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